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Geep and the Scary Shadows


Geep and the Scary Shadows is an interactive bedtime book from publisher What’s in the Box. It offers parents a fun and exciting way to help children come to terms with bedtime and their fear of the dark.


Geep and the Scary Shadows takes inspiration from children’s love of reading by torchlight and their enjoyment of playing with light to create shadows.


There are illustrations on clear windows throughout the book, a special torch is included so that pictures from the story can be projected onto walls or other surfaces. Children from age 3 upwards will love its mix of story, illustrations and projected images.


“Geep and the Scary Shadows“ costs £13,99 including the torch and takes its inspiration from children’s enjoyment of reading under the bedcovers in the dark by torchlight and playing with the light to create shadows. “Geep” is a bat that is scared of the dark. To help overcome this fear, Geep’s friends hold a party, but will Geep be brave enough to go?


The Authors:


Publisher “What’s in the Box” was formed by ex Royal College of Art graduates Gina Birch and James McAdam After receiving critical acclaim in their own fields of illustration and product design, they have combined forces to develop new ideas for the children’s picture book market. They have exhibited at the Science Museum, Museum of Modern Art New York, Pictoplasma [character based art] and have been featured on various TV and radio shows as well as in magazine articles.


Author/illustrator Gina Birch says: “Geep is a great character for children who find it hard to sleep or may be frightened of the dark.” Also “Younger children are becoming more sophisticated in their tastes and demand more from books today “When I was younger it was the more unpredictable quirky books that kept me enthralled.”