Leaps of Faith and other Adventures.

This year, many artists like myself found the effects of the Covid pandemic to have a devastating effect on our careers. Much of my freelance work and events have been cancelled, leaving me wondering what to do.

On a positive note, it did give me more creative time in the studio, and from this I began to create a range of prints and patterns using paint and paper-cutting techniques. At this point I realised that I could paint- then effectively scan and print my own wearable art,and I could invite other Artists to work with me on collaborative projects which would help employ more of us.

BomBette is my new collaborative  textile print off-shoot. 

 I have a love for Jumpsuits and since I was producing my own small batch prints I joined forces with a local dress designer to come up with an original pattern, we use UK sourced velvet printed with Vegan inks  and they are truly lovely to wear.
B products are made to order for each individual customer, this way we do not over produce and add to fashion landfill.

Creativity is sometime born from hard times, we are a little Company and my head office is still a garden studio! The dream is to expand into a studio/shop front, and I have lots of plans for the years ahead.
The BomBette website launches on 12th March 2021 -