As a Artist Educator I know that Art makes lives better,  I create varied art workshops and classes which reach into sectors and communities providing inspirational & entertaining learning.
I also engage with a number of social projects annualy where Arts & Crafts make a clear difference to communities.
Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea or wish to collaborate with an Artist.

Electric Theatre & ACM. Light our Sky. lead Artist for Guildfords first lantern Parade 30th Nov 2019
Umbrella Illuminated Parade. Museums at Night . Watts Gallery, Compton
Umbrella Parade Caterpillar.
Watts Gallery, Compton. Gallery Education.Shadow Puppet Theatre
Makers Market in Godalming.

In 2019 I created the first ever Godalming Makers Market to celebrate the wealth of Arts & Crafts heritage we have in our town. 

Stalls at the Godalming Makers Market.

Weyfield Primary School paintbox project
Delight in Watts

Year 4 mural project with Delight in Watts and Green Oak School, Surrey, UK 2019.
Sketchbook Club. Gina McAdam’s Sketchbook club in Godslming,Surrey.
NHS Frimley. Living with Dementia.2018
Drawing Robot Battles Fun In The Summer Holidays. F.I.S.H Waverely Borough.

Art for All

Wrapping paper design created with teenagers from the Art for All award programme at Watts Gallery, Compton, UK.
Summer Class

Summer School 2019. Recycling with Print.
Beacon Hill
Beacon Hills Primary School. Ceramic outdoor instalation display in collaboration with Watts Gallery.